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Monstera Deliciosa Care Tips

Indoor Plant Benefits

     Indoor plants have been increasingly popular these days. Plant posts are everywhere in social media, plant stores pop in every other corner, even your local supermarkets have a variety of them on their shelves. Surely almost every home or office must have a couple of greens in a certain part of the room. 

The Night Sky

Oh, hello! Haven't been here for a while because life has been busy, quite tedious and fast paced at the same time. I just thought I'd post this one here since most of social media messed up the photo quality of these already-very-grainy photos. I love them anyhow, hope you like them too! I'm so excited to learn more about how to take photos of the stars but I have to stop obsessing!

Coron, Palawan

We capped off our two-week vacation back home with a 4-day trip to Coron, Palawan. It was our anniversary trip this year, where to next year?

Travel Misadventures

Everyone knows that mishaps are inevitable when you travel. Anyone could tell their story of at least one trip that didn’t really go the way they planned it. From choosing your plane seats to planning your itinerary, you always make it a point for things to go smoothly as you think. You pick the best hotel deals, highest rated tours, and google to-do’s and spots to check out on your destination. Everything’s all set in your head, but sometimes, some things just don’t agree with you.
Recently, my husband and I went for a two-week trip back home. It was such a short time to try and squeeze everything we want and need to do, but, I think we managed to do so. Overall, our trip was super in spite of some travel hiccups we’ve encountered. I’ve always believed that careless is my middle name, so I admit that most of our mini troubles are courtesy of me.
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